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The Cognizant Growth Philosophy



  • We believe that organic growth is possible.

  • We believe that work can essentially be won before the RFP is issued.

  • We believe that articulating a strategic growth plan is vital for the team to move forward. 

  • We believe sustainable growth requires a healthy dose of both strategies and tactics.

  • We believe winning requires diligent cultivation of relationships at every level.


About Dan Berler

Perhaps it was all the physics and math classes he took in college that gave Dan Berler the ability to see the simple relationships between things. And maybe it was his Masters Degree and work in urban and environmental planning that allowed him to translate those relationships into the real world. But regardless of where it comes from, Dan has an innate ability to see the big picture, intuitively understand the connections beneath it, and confidently communicate complex ideas in a clear and straightforward manner.


Over his career, Dan has come to believe that relationships are the keys to growth. He learned, across the public and private sectors and large and small businesses, that understanding and navigating both internal and external relationships are vital to success. He particularly understands the pressures on people in business to constantly grow.


  • As Vice President and leader of AECOM’s $75 million North American Transportation Planning Practice, Dan learned that, like politics, all relationships are local. In order to grow, the team has to focus like laser beams on the right pursuits and relationships.


  • At Cambridge Systematics, he was a Principal and led the growth of the firm’s Washington, D.C. office from 9 to 34 people, also overseeing its Federal Growth Strategy, making up 20% of the firm’s revenues.


  • At the U.S. DOT, he was instrumental in helping translate the $1.2 billion ITS Program from one of many disparate pieces, into a coherent National Program Plan focusing on two tracks: Infrastructure and Vehicles, covering research, standards and architecture, and real-world deployment and testing.


  • As sole owner of his own small business, an independent garden center outside of Charleston, South Carolina, he learned first-hand the pressures of meeting payroll, and the importance of articulating a clear growth strategy, and everyone’s role in it.


But it’s the people along the way that he has enjoyed most. He has come to believe that growth involves people.  Why is it important to have a strategy and grow? Beyond the stock price, everyone has a stake in growing – growth provides personal and professional opportunities, and it also pays the bills: car payments, mortgages, vacations, and kids’ braces.


Dan is committed to helping people and groups get organized and clearly articulate their growth plans and priorities in a way where everyone buys-in and understands their roles. It’s the only way to long-term sustainable growth.


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