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The Relationship Ecosystem


Work is Won by Relationships.


Like it or not clients tend to pick someone they know over someone they don’t, even if they’re more expensive. The problem facing most teams is a lack of the right relationships. With broad and deep relationships it’s easier to be strategically positioned throughout an agency before an RFP is issued.


The more complex the job, the more intricate the relationships required are to win the work. If you’re trying to capture a $100,000 job, relationships at the program or staff level will do. A multi-million dollar job requires cultivated relationships throughout an agency.


Deep relationships allow your pipeline to be continually refilled. Happy clients are more likely to give you a heads-up and more business because they have a trusted relationship and don’t want to lose you.


The best BD strategy is to do good work. When your project delivery is lacking, you won’t win the next bid. Period. Therefore, every person on a project needs to understand that his or her role matters…even the intern. The best business development is earning follow-on work from your existing clients.


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